Let’s clear the air.

Heartland Farm is NOT certified organic by others. We are certified organic by ourselves.  

This is called self-certification. 

Organics has been our choice for over quarter of a century.

Our journey has taken us to places like the IOFAM (the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, and an early IOFAM international organic world conference in Europe. This visit took place before some of those employed today to certify NZ organic farms were out of school. More about IOFAM can be seen on this web site: www.ifoam.bio

We also visited Rudolph Steiner’s Goetheanum, located in Dornach (near Basel), Switzerland, which is the world center for the anthroposopical movement. Named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,  this building (see below picture), now known as the Second Goetheanum, was wholly built of cast concrete. 

Begun in 1924, this building represents a pioneering use of visible concrete in architecture and has been granted protected status as a Swiss national monument . This visit was intended to  enable our principal to further his understanding of bio-dynamic agriculture- yet today he still admits to much being a mystery. This visit by our farm principle to Dornach took place well before the NZ Government organic certifying group now called AsureQuality was conceived. AsureQuality was created on 1 October 2007 by the merger between ASURE New Zealand Limited and AgriQuality Limited. Both ASURE and AgriQuality were established out of the commercial activities of New Zealand's Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (now Ministry for Primary Industries) in late 1998. The AsureQuality web site is: www.asurequality.com/

You can see and read more about Rudolph Steiner in video section of this web site. Link HERE

We went to Scotland’s Findhorn Foundation and eco village to learn about sylphs, fairies, garden and water spirits and sprites, elves and other elementals; this trip took place many years ago, being in the days when Norman Kirk was still well remembered as a great NZ PM.

We studied Viktor Schauberger’s research and life, well before NZ scientists learned how to spell his name forwards or backwards. We have absorbed much of Callum Coats valuable books about Viktor Schauberger's research . We do not pretend to understand all this research, but find it takes us on a journey deeper into the realms of nature- which is surely where organics intends to take one? See more about this amazing 'water' man in our video library HERE. We also refer to Viktor Schauberger's books HERE.

We went to meet with dear herbalist and homeopathic wonder -healer Hannah Kroeger in Boulder Colorado, at her Peaceful Meadows farm and chapel, in days well before we banned ourselves from further trips to good ole US of A. You can see and read more about her in our book and video section of this web site. Links HERE (Books) and HERE (Videos)

We studied the writing and practices of herbalist Juliette de Bairacli Levy (see her book called 'Herbal Handbook for Farm & Stable') and met with this wonderful lady when she visited NZ...and a video about her life, while not pertaining to water- is a delightful 'must see' movie for anyone interested in organics and herbs. 

See it here: http://www.julietteoftheherbs.com/    

and/or a brief preview here:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_VRj1RMTXU    

and the beginning here:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBY76schtNU 

A number of other travels took our principal to meet Susan Weed (another great herbalist) and NZ's own weed specialist Isla Burgess (read her great book titled 'Weeds Heal - a Working Herbal').

Another journey took our principal to meet and learn from Katrina Raphaell of the Crystal Academy in Hawaii, to study the magic of crystals and rocks. Later Heartland Farm would see crystals placed in strategic places, and much of the natural fertiliser applied to this farm is in the form of crushed rock dust. 

We also do not follow some of the lenient practices that some organic certification groups allow. By example, we recall serious debate with an organic man in an organic shop in Helsinki, Finland, when he was presenting/cooking an organic dish fried in canola oil. He was giving free samples. I queried him on how could he as an organic promoter use canola oil when it was a GE product, derived from a plant (rape seed plant) poisonous to humans.  He defended canola oil, and reiterated it was permitted to be used in cooking in organic system. Here is a web site that aligns with our thinking about this toxic oil:


HERE is a link to our own earlier writing about this Canola oil --- and many of the products today which include canola oil have it as a hidden product, as it can be camouflaged by the generic words 'vegetable oil'.

The above aside - we should also mention that the Organic Certifying Association, Biogro NZ, nowadays refuses to certify ANY water as Organic? Why? We do not know why. You could ask them. Their web site is: www.biogro.co.nz/

We don’t mind however- cause we self-certify our farm fruits and our raw spring water as being organic.

Why? Because we feel we understand what enables this ‘word’ organic to be fairly used as an adjective. Mind you, we must admit we do not understand much in the overall scheme of things; but we feel this raw spring water meets our definitions above of both RAW water and ORGANIC water.

Is that enough? Well it is up to you.

We are happy with this aspect for ourselves, and we love our raw organic spring water. Our responsibility now is to make this water available to you. It is up to yourselves if you seek to take up this offer. You can decide for yourselves.

Let us know if you want to have a no-obligation chat. We can also have one of our team visit your home with a free water sample, if you call us to arrange this.                                  Y



The above picture represents an example where a farm located thereon cannot be organic, not matter what other factors or parameters are adhered to. Organic is to be a part of a holistic and natural diversity. Some parts of our planet, which have been denuded of trees and other vegetation  are unable to become organic food-bowls for future generations. 

“World wide, at least 40% of the rain forests were lost between 1960 and 1990. For every 25 acres of trees that have been felled, an average of less than 1 tree had been planted by 1990.

For every large tree which is cut down it takes approximately 2500 seedlings to replace its oxygen output. If we keep up deforestation humans will be a dead culture.

Deserts are growing worldwide...”
— Sun Bear from his book 'Black Dawn: Bright Day'