We are able to sell bulk water to  groups who are using water in food and drink manufacture, and who seek to use a quality water. These might include bread, biscuits, breakfast, beer and the like manufacturers. We can negotiate a bulk sale price to longer term contracted food or drink manufacture clients.

We are also able to sell bulk water to those seeking to export a top quality NZ spring drinking water. 

We do not propose to bottle our water into smaller drinking bottles on site; but it could be transported to a nearby bottling plant, pre-export, for such us; and/or it could be exported bulk, such as in sealed food grade 10 ton or 20 ton or 25 ton (about 25,000 litres) water bladders. 

Our capacity to supply from our main spring  is about 72 million litres per annum --- which equates to about 1.35 million litres per week. 

Longer term, we seek to reserve about 500,000 litres per week to NZ clients; meaning we can supply about 835,000 litres per week longer term for bulk or export sales. 

Initially we could supply about 1 million litres per week for export, as long as this was reduced progressively to about 835,000 litres a week, once our local NZ client demand increased.

Say the water take for 1 mill litres per week was spread relatively evening over 6 days (with one day rest) then the water take per day would be about 8 x 20,000 litre container tanker/trucks (with bladders pre-installed) for 5 days, and the 6th day being 10 x 20,000 litre tanker/trucks.  This would involve tankers coming and going all day and evening. If they are 25,000 litre bladders, then the number of visits would decrease to 6.4 (x 25k litres) for 5 days and 8 (x 25k litres) on 6th day.

The price per litre for a bulk export water is to be negotiated, and of course will be less that our wholesale price when selling by the 100 litres or less per sale. 

That said, our spring water will more likely be sold to a buyer or buyers who seek and appreciate a top quality natural artesian spring drinking water. A Rolls Royce in any market costs more than a Ford; and our artesian spring water is a Rolls Royce of all available world drinking waters.

Positive interest shown to date, would indicate we will likely sell the available export spring water to a few select clients, who value quality and are prepared to pay a reasonable price for quality. Buyers who do not care about water quality are better to approach people with a drinking water supply coming from a bore or tap water --- and to not contact us. We value the high quality spring water coming from our natural artesian spring --- and we seek to deal with people of a similar mind. 

Any export buyer of bulk will be required to supply their own bladders and tanker/trucks, and to provide a supply pumping system/pipes of sufficient length and capacity, and of a food quality standard, to move the spring water to waiting container trucks. Short term, spring water supply for export can be accommodated within the existing holding tank and pipe systems already installed on Heartland Farm.

For longer term export sales of quantity, the pipes/pumps the buyer will provide to collect spring water will later be linked to 2x spring 20,000 litre s/s holding tanks, these to be installed later solely for those larger exports. A special additional in/out turn-around access way on the farm may also be required to be constructed for larger export orders. These costs will become extra contracted costs of the export buyer. 

The export sale system must be operated in a manner where our water arrives at the overseas port in pristine condition; which will involve the water either being maintained at temperature of 4 degress C on trip, or being frozen during shipping. We can arrange NZ shipping agents.

We welcome discussions with agents and/or principals of export buyers; and we will willingly show people around our farm and spring, but ONLY AFTER both sides first sign a heads of agreement which is to include price and delivery and payment terms.  Such heads of agreement can be conditional on site inspection and other specific buyer requirements. Please do not ask to be shown the farm or the spring until you are ready and able to sign a heads of agreement, with the principal being a party to such heads of agreement.

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Its about learning to enjoy dancing in the rain.”
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