We will build-up this FAQ page of our web site once we begin to get a feel for the most frequently asked questions.

Just in case we are asked what are these fruits in the picture on this page, and where are they grown--- we know the answer. They are Babacao, in a period some weeks before ripening, and are photographed while growing at our own Heartland Farm, in the orchard we rather cheekily call the sub-tropical area. We say cheekily, as many people will be aware that our farm location would be some several hundreds of kilometers south of NZ's sub tropical climate zone.

At this time should you have any questions please feel free to phone or sms us, or enter into the chat section of this web site; or fill out our inquiry form here.


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FAQ page- enquiry
“The surface tension of water matters a lot! Your cells are either going to accept it or not.

I believe spring water is the only water with the correct surface tension to be accepted by your cells, without losing any energy to utilize the water.

But it is also the “vibration” of water that matters. Does the water have a “vibe” to help you heal, or does the water have a “vibe” to make you sick?

Not all waters that are pure are good for you either.

You can have clean water, but if the vibration of the water is not conducive to health, it will not help you increase your health.

Most people drink filtered water, because of the concern about contaminants, but without any regard to the vibration. So, if you are just filtering your water from the tap before drinking it, it still has the vibration of the tap water!

When I first began drinking a local Artesian Spring Water, I experienced a profound water change.

This “water change” was probably due mostly to the surface tension of this water being acceptable to my cells and my body. My body then threw out the “old” water with the wrong surface tension, and replaced it with the better water.

I have four recommendations for drinking the right kind of water.

The first is use Artesian Spring Water or Spring Water on a long term basis. Spring Water is also good for cleansing and fasting.........”
— Hannah Kroeger: see http://www.kroegerhealer.com/drinking-the-right-kind-of-water.htm )