As well as the option of our Raw Organic Spring Water being home delivered each fortnight, direct to your home address---we also invite customers to contract with us who seek to come collect the water themselves from a spring water holding tank near our farm back gate. 

The entrance is located on Irish Road, about 12 minutes drive from Pukekohe and about 15 minutes from Papakura. We are located about 40 minute drive from Queen Street in Auckland City. The drive is easy, with no traffic lights at any stage along journey, once you are on the main motorway south. Entry to the farm is to be at each persons own responsibility and risk; and the conditions and rules of entry will be displayed near the spring water holding tank.

There is also to be an area nearby the spring water holding tank for families to picnic.

The process is simple. 

We enter into a supply contract with you, and at that stage we agree on the approximate monthly quantum. You agree to send to us each month a TT of the agreed sum, and we provide you with a password for entry to our back gate.

THE PRICE (Prices may change from time with notice on this website or farm gate)

No delivery cost as this water is to be filled into your bottles/containers at our back gate.

The cost of water from varies dependent on the quantity bought per visit.

The starting price is 60c per litre and this reduces progressively to 30c per litre when a client either contracts for 200 litres+ per month or buys 200 litres in one visit.

Here is our price for farm gate supplied Heartland Springs water:


5 - 20 litres     -     60c per litre    =     $12 per 20 litres

21-50 litres     -     50c per litre     =    $25 per 50 litres

51-100 litres   -     45c per litre     =    $45 per 100 litres

101-150 litre   -     40c per litre     =    $60 per 150 litres

151-399 litres  -     34c per litre     =   $68 per 200 litres

400+ litres       -     28c per litre     =   $112 per 400 litres

* Discounts for regular customers
Any customer who signs 12 month farm gate supply contract will receive a 10% discount on the above quoted prices.

Please note each client will first be asked to pay for the cost of each 10 or 20 litre or larger container we supply to them see our container range HERE, this means the client owns the water container and is also responsible to keep the inside of the container in a sanitary condition. Click HERE for more info.

Just inside the back gate is located the stainless steel ('s/s') spring water holding tank. This tank holds 4,000 litres of our delicious spring water, in a lovely shaded environ, under a large oak tree. This s/s tank is always filling and overflowing, with the overflow sent back to the farm stream, so the spring water in this s/s tank is always moving and alive.

This water has been gravity feed from the spring source (which is located in the centre of our organic farm) to this back gate s/s holding tank---not having been put through a pressure pump. The water in the s/s holding tank is used regularly and also re-filled naturally as it is used, as well as constantly overflowing. We propose that this holding tank is to be emptied completely one evening per month and refilled the next day.

Once inside our property it is only a 50 metre drive down to the s/s tank. You can stop your car right beside the s/s tank, making it easy for you to fill your water containers and place them back into your vehicle. A food grade flexible hose is fitted to  the s/s tap, for you to fill up your own bottles/containers. Then, without needing to back your vehicle, you can drive straight back out onto Irish Road. 

There is also to be a small pump fitted, which will provide and service an alternative quick-fill nearby location, for those seeking to drive in and quickly fill their containers or water tanks, and then continue the short drive to the separate exit gate.

Initially the system will be operate on a honesty basis; clients collecting the quantum they have contracted for. 

In time, we will have a shop located in this same area to sell some of our organic farm's produce. 

Once we establish our farm shop near this same back gate, we will then during operating hours invite casual visitors to come collect and pay for this Raw Organic Spring Water.


“It is the pleasure of the bee to gather honey of the flower;

But it is also the pleasure of the flower to yield its honey.

For to the bee a flower is a fountain of life

And to the flower the bee is a messenger of love.

And to both, bee and flower, the giving and receiving of pleasure is a need and an ecstasy.”
— Kahlil Gibran, of Lebanon, from his book 'The Prophet'