How To Receive Our FREE Spring Water SAMPLES?



We offer free spring water samples in five different scenarios.

1. If a person is suffering a life threatening disease or illness - we will in those situations gift all the spring water to them they can drink during the time of recuperation or suffering. The only conditions are that they or their family/friends make prior arrangements with us for the spring water to be collected themselves or by their whanu from our farm collection holding tank; and the person collecting meet all our usual conditions of supply (except no payment will be requested); and at the point of collection they use and fill their own water containers.

2. When we cold-call prospective householders to talk abut our spring water our sales team will bring with them water samples, to enable anyone to taste our Raw Organic Spring Water.

3. When one of our team or agents has a stall at a farmers market, we will offer there at a free sample glass of our Raw Organic Spring Water.

4. When someone calls at our farm gate to buy containers of water over 15 litres in capacity, they may also drink for free on site as much Raw Organic Spring Water, as they can drink during that one visit.

5. If someone seeks to sample our Raw Organic Spring Water, we will arrange for a representative to schedule a call to that home with free samples for tastings. It might take a week or so to schedule the visit so that it coincides with other visits in a nearby area.


Should anyone seek to have a free tasting Raw Organic Spring Water by way of a sample being delivered to your home --- phone or sms us, or complete this 'Free Water Sample Request' form, and click 'submit'.  Also, any time we are open and operating,  people can then call at our back gate and sample the spring water for free.


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Kindness in another’s troubles.

Courage in your own.”
— Diana, Princess of Wales & Queen of Hearts