Dr Theo Colburn became the world authority on this critical subject, as a part of the scientific research she completed for her book titled 'Our Stolen Future' --- see book reference HERE.

Her videos are 'must views' for anyone interested in health of self and family...and are particularly relevant to anyone considering pregnancy and babies.

Her research also reveals why the gay community is on a dramatic rise, due she suggested, to the food we choose to eat and the water we choose to drink!!! See some of her videos HERE.

Another researcher, Susan Holtz confirms some of these endocrine aspects of Dr Theo Colburn's research, with other studies which she refers to in audio format in Canada....hear her audio HERE.

These are some words that USA Presidential candidate and once Vice-President Al Gore wrote about Dr Theo Colburn and her research presented in her book:

" 'Our Stolen Future' raises questions just as profound as those Rachel Carson raised thirty years ago --- questions for which we MUST seek answers.

This book reviews a large and growing body of scientific evidence linking synthetic chemicals to aberrant sexual development and behavioral and reproductive problems.  Today, reports in leading medical journals point ominously to hormone- disrupting chemicals' effects on our fertility --- on our children. 

Although scientists are just beginning to explore the implications of this research, initial animal and human studies link these chemicals to myriad effects; including low sperm counts, infertility, genital deformities, hormonally triggered human cancers (such as those of breast and prostate),neurological disorders in children (such as hyperactivity and deficits in attention) and developmental and reproductive problems in wildlife.  

Because industrial chemicals have become a major sector of global economy, any evidence linking them to serious ecological and human health problems is bound to generate controversy. ...It is clear that the body of scientific research underlying 'Our Stolen Future' raises compelling  and urgent questions that must be addressed."

The water in taps in Auckland and Hamilton would have to have within them endocrine disruptors, based on the research of Dr Theo Colburn.

This is due to each having within them reconstituted sewerage, forming part of each glass of tap water. The cadmium from farm run -off also probably leaves residual hormone disruptors remaining in each glass of tap water. As may 1080 drops over NZ forests cause residual endocrine disruptors in drinking waters, especially 1080 drops around the WAIKATO RIVER and HUNUA/MANGATAWHIRI DAMS, these having potential to negatively impact on Auckland and Hamilton tap waters. 

Read the comments by this biologist/ecologist and ex possum hunter HERE, and note he states:

"Modern medicine has discovered that endocrine disrupting poisons like 1080 can reduce fertility and cause birth defects at levels as low as parts per trillion...."  Jim Hilton, BSc Hons.  

The best and most sophisticated filtration systems in the human world cannot eliminate these micro sized human created endocrine disrupting predators to our health and well-being. 

This is a very very serious issue for anyone interested in health.They can negatively affect a foetus as well as children and adults.

Take extreme care before choosing what food and water to fed yourself and your children.

“ I do not understand why some people are saying that women and men are exactly the same; and are denying the beautiful differences between men and women. All Gods gifts are good, but they are not all the same.”
— Mother Theresa