This is a copy of extracts or parts of several inter-related resource consents we have received from the Waikato Regional Council for the establishment of the protective covers for the springs, and the sourcing and taking of this spring water for use as drinking water and for other food uses (for consumptive purposes). These consents were obtained following consultation with iwi and neighbors. These consents would see us, if we were at maximum take levels, using only a portion of all water which flows 24/7 from the Heartland Springs underground aquifer.

Extracts of parts of the various Resource Consent Certificates 

Resource Consents:                         123205 & 122976 & 122977

File Number:                                    61 54 20A 

Pursuant to the Resource Management Act 1991, the Waikato Regional Council hereby grants consent to:

Mount William Spring Water Ltd
219 State Highway 2
RD 1
Pokeno 2471

(hereinafter referred to as the Consent Holder)

Consent Types:                                  Land Use & Water Permits

Consent Subtypes:                           Structure & Surface Water Take via                                                            an Intake Structure 

Activities authorised:                       To construct a water intake on the                                                             bed of a spring & to take water

Location:                                            State Highway 2 - Pokeno

Spatial Reference:                         NZTM 1780757 E 5878399 N

Consent Duration:                          This consent will commence on the                             date of decision notification and expire on 1 July 2026

                                                                      Subject to various conditions, some of which include:


1)      The consent holder shall ensure that the velocity of water through the intake screen does not exceed 0.3 metre per second at all times.  If requested by the Waikato Regional Council in writing, the consent holder shall provide information on how this velocity requirement is achieved.

2)          The consent holder shall only use water for consumption purposes.

3)      The intake shall be screened with a mesh aperture size not exceeding 3 millimetres by 3 millimetres.

4)      A water measuring system shall measure the quantity of water taken from the take location on a cumulative basis.  The water measuring system shall have a reliable calibration to water flow and shall be maintained to an accuracy of +/- 5%.  Access to the water measuring system shall be provided to Waikato Regional Council staff at all reasonable times.

5)      The instantaneous take rate shall not exceed 5 litres per second.

6)      The daily volume taken shall not exceed 200 cubic metres.

7)      The annual volume taken shall not exceed 72,000 cubic metres (= 72 million litres p.a.)

8) The structure containing the intake shall be constructed in such a manner as to avoid disturbance of the spring system.

9) There shall be no discharge of contaminants (e.g. oil, diesel, petrol, effluent) to the stream and or spring as a result of the exercise of this resource consent.

10) The activity shall not cause erosion or instability to the bed of the unnamed tributary of the Waipunga Catchment.

11)  All disturbed vegetation, soil or debris shall be deposited or placed in a position where it will not enter any water body or cause diversion, damming or erosion of any stream, impediment to fish passage, or destruction of any aquatic habitat.

12)  The consent holder shall pay to the Waikato Regional Council any administrative charge fixed in accordance with section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991, or any charge prescribed in accordance with regulations made under section 360 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

(And with some additional conditions, as are set out in in the original consent documents)

For and on behalf of the

Waikato Regional Council

“Treat the earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.”
— The frst Commandment of the 10 North American Indian Commandments