Their web site :

In the organic market sector we have had long-standing co-operative rapport with a number of like-minded people and organisations - including with our dear colleagues Kay Baxter and Bob Corker of Koanga Institute.


Fluoride Free NZ web site:

Fluoride Free NZ is a small group of dedicated volunteers working in Auckland (and now also in many other cities of NZ). Their main focus at this time is to raise awareness and lobby local government to put the fluoridation issue on the agenda.

We align with their aims, and they also have listed our web site on their web pages. To see more about our information on fluoride, see our web site HERE and HERE and HERE.

Some more information about Fluoride Free NZ is on our web site HERE.


In our water supply business we just opened our door to the public in April 2015; starting without partners. 

 We feel partners will become important, as we establish our product and service. In time we will also seek partners with our water-education initiative.

We do seek to hear from people interested in co-operating and/or partnering with us.

These might be people already delivering products to homes, who could positively add raw organic spring water in 20 litre containers to their product delivery range and service. 

We also seek to hear from potential franchisee distributors for our raw organic spring water - and from people interested in joining our cold-call sales teams.

We sincerely believe that any organisation producing organic food or drink products, which involve water as part of processing or as one of the ingredients, should ensure that a raw organic spring water is used and not some less organic processed water. We ask: how can any product which uses water as an ingredient be genuinely 'organic' if filtered/processed tap water or RO water or processed bore water is used in that product?

We are interested to be considered as a supplier of our raw organic spring water for such purposes.

We invite others who feel they may be of a like mind, or where they see potential for co-operation and/or partnership to contact us, perhaps using the form now included herein. 

If you would like to partner with us, fill out this form and one of our staff members will get back to you.

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Interested in co-operation and/or partnership
“One molecule of water is formed by a bond between oxygen and hydrogen atoms —- the liquid we see as water involves much co-operation between many water molecules. The structure of these molecules in water and their clustering, is a form of short-term partnership in a longer term environment.”
— Anonymous