Self-Certified Raw Organic Spring Water

Heartland Farm is NOT certified organic by others. We are certified organic by ourselves.  

This is called self-certification. 

Similarly our spring water we call organic, is not certified organic by any third party authority.

This is not breaking any law or rules- as long as we do not claim certification by any other party. As we say, we self-certify our farm and water as being organic. Elsewhere on this web site we outline why. 

It is up to the consumer to decide if they accept our self-certification of organics or not.

What else can we say is this spring water?

  • Naturally pure, when it comes from deep in the earth, and exits earth at the point of the spring source on Heartland Farm.
  • The reason we say it is naturally pure is, in part, due to the extensive tests taken of this water, and these tests showing it to be micro-biologically wholesome, and other tested contaminants also being absent. One only needs to look at the clarity of this water to see what 'naturally pure' really looks like. See our water analysis HERE
  • No bore has been dug on this farm. The spring is a natural flow, looking like water coming from a fire hydrant might look, except in this case the 'hydrant' is a natural gap in rocks, from whence flows this great water, like some sort of miracle.
  • This raw organic spring water has not been processed - it has never been de-structured by a reverse osmosis process, nor been tampered with or manipulated by us.
  • It has NO additives added. 
  • It has not had either its vibration changed or its surface tension changed by us.
  • It exits the spring with a natural pH range of 7.2 to 7.8. 
  • It is bottled on farm and is delivered fresh to your door- or by prior arrangement you can bring your bottles and collect it from our farm back gate.
β€œThe exact contrary of what is generally believed is often the truth.”
— Jean de La Bruyere