"We can all learn from each other"

Wai Challenge is the name we are adopting for a part of our approach towards education and re-education about water addressed to children in our region.

Document outlining our Wai Challenge can be seen HERE

We will begin this project once our raw organic spring water sales to homes produces a sufficient flow of surplus funds to enable the construction of the hardware necessary to present the educational knowledge software in the languages of children OR sooner if some people come forward to help fund this initiative.

We thereby seek partners to assist us in this 'not for profit' Wai Challenge. Should anyone seek to participate or donate please contact us. The 'contact us' form follows this presentation.

We hope to be able, in some small part, to follow in the footsteps of the impacting Japanese man Dr Masaru Emoto, who set about initially near single-handed, to communicate about the wonders of water, with many people, especially all children in the world. 

Dr Emoto sought to show people the true power  of our thoughts words and emotions through water. He called that project the Emoto Project. 

In this way, he stated, that: "children around the world, when raised in tune with the sacred nature of themselves as WATER BEINGS, and with the sacred nature of every drop of water - will bring peace to the world."

Dr Emoto's work and the sharing of his work, can be obtained by purchasing his 'My Hado' APP. We offer the reference to this APP here, should anyone seek to buy this APP for use with their mobile phones.

Dr Emoto also produced a childrens' book called 'The Message of Water'. It can be downloaded free from our web site HERE, and is provided on the condition set by Dr Emoto, being that: "this book may be reproduced, copied or stored solely for personal use by children."

Dr Emoto considered that children had minds which were still more open than adults; and were thereby more receptive to learning about the wonders of water.

Despite water being in all life on this planet, it is one of the least understood substances; and education about water seems, without fair reason, to be near absent from much of our formal education.

David W Phillips, the kaitikiaki of Heartland Farm, sees a vision for the future there where, in addition to the Wai Challenge education bus or mobile classroom, there will also be constructed an education complex on Heartland Farm. This web site might also become, in time, an integral and interactive part of this educational catalyst.

The Wai Challenge, as a critical part of the overall education processes proposed, would encompass a fully fitted education bus/mobile classroom, similar to that used by the 'Life Education' Trust. See their example on their web site: www.lifeeducation.org.nz/ABOUT/History.html 

David was instrument in earlier years in providing, through his then company, six figure cash funding as a gift for the first Life Education bus and systems. That funding enabled then the setting up of Life Education in NZ, with Sharon Hoggart as the then founding operation manger.

To set-up such a bus/mobile classroom specifically for childrens' water education, will require about $450,000-$500,000. We seek these funds either as grants or gifts from the community, or to flow from spring water sales net income. Once set up, the Wai Challenge bus/mobile classroom will also require annual funding for a full time staff team of 2 to 3 persons. Heartland Springs can oversee and manage the bus and staff, so that is is used for non-profit orientated free water education in schools. 

This education bus/mobile classroom as part of our education focus and vision will be complimented with the construction of a venue on Heartland Farm, to be enable the overall education process to be extended.  The education from this farm venue will encompass three avenues: WATER, ORGANICS and EDIBLE WEEDS.

“Water is ME,

Water is LIFE,

Peaceful water

Means peaceful me,

Means a peaceful world.”
— Dr Masaru Emoto


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