Some of our senior people in our Heartland Springs team are interested and available to attend functions and seminars, where a keynote guest speaker is sought.

We also happily will come talk with smaller gatherings of people (adults and/or children) --- each time where the subject matter will in some manner encompass water.

Such talks by our senior team may be to a small group of say about 10 people minimum, such as in a home-based 'party plan' type of setting, where one seeks their friends or neighbors to hear more about water.

Or it might encompass a large conference or hall of people, many who may be interested in extending their water knowledge.

We are also keen to be invited to talk on marae and at gyms and with yoga groups, about our much loved subject of water.

We propose to bring to such gatherings both humor and seriousness, together with some audio visual aids, to enable such talks to be informative and enjoyable from the listeners perspective.

Our approach to each water talk can be aligned to meet the needs of each group - although one thing we will maintain is an unconventional approach to this water subject.

If the setting is right we may also introduce our 'water dance', which involves us humans copying water molecules, as we each hold hands (and feet!) and freely dance to the universal structure of water and their free-flowing clusters.

If any person or group is interested in booking our 'water talking-dancing team', to attend their function or gathering, please send us your request on the following form.


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Water Talk Request

“Drinking fluoride makes as much sense as swallowing sun block”
— Paul Connett PhD