Heartland Springs is a natural resource located on Heartland Farm. The above picture is an example of our organic farm pasture; protected as we are by Mount William and that conservation reserve just to our north. This Mount William reserve and its mountain range joins up with the Hunua Ranges, and each become the barrier between us and the greater Auckland Region. Our farm is located just inside the Waikato Region.

Our role in protecting this spring source --- while listening to the sounds of this spring water, drinking this raw organic spring water, and showering and washing in this spring water ---  have become the keys to us opening our hearts and minds to our own water re-education. 

Our web site does, indeed, fulfill our own Heartland Farm's responsibility to share our knowledge and understanding about the Heartland Springs. We have been confirmed both by Maori/ Waitaha as the kaitiaki and kaitiakitanga of these Heartland Springs, and by European law as the owner --- after the British military took possession of these springs by conquest and then used them for their own sustenance. 

We hold Heartland Springs in high regard, and they are a spiritual site in our eyes and also form part of our own spiritual being. With us being abut 70% water, and given we have been drinking this water from these springs for over 20 years, they are obviously part of us and we are a part of them --- and we can add, that to us, these Heartland Springs are a treasure. 

We have also been involved for some 25 years, at high cost to us, and with no Crown assistance, in the general clean-up of our nearby community, including protecting these springs and also the surface water ways in our nearby community. These actions add to our claims to kaitiakitanga.


Our responsibility today is to increase a wider awareness of this spring water resource and to provide limited access to this pure raw organic spring water to those in our nearby population who choose to drink it. This action and opportunity comes at a time when clean water 'quality' in it's raw unprocessed state is being denied many peoples in the wider Auckland Region. 

We are being guided to market this water so that many people become aware of it- at the same time fully respecting each persons right to say 'NO'. Where someone says 'YES', we propose to sell and deliver this spring water to consumers at cost levels which do not impose much additional financial burden on families who are used to buying drinking water or other similar products. If any family seeks to drink this spring water, and due to genuine hardship can only pay less, we will accept less and supply.

Much of the residual income from spring water sales is to be allocated to prepare and later build an education facility on Heartland Farm; this to include a mobile classroom to enable water knowledge and messages to flow; especially to the children within our wider community.

With full acknowledgement to a wonderful man, we adopt as part of 'our mission' the same intent and words stated by Dr Masaru Emoto, when he wrote about his mission within the Emoto Project, which he addressed to all of earth's children:

'To educate and raise the consciousness of all people about the power and potential of water to effect life on planet earth.' "


OUR JOURNEY ON THIS LAND & with this Spring

Since 1987, we have led the progressive effort on our farm and in the nearby Pokeno district to permanently protect Heartland Springs water resource. This resource is a continuous high daily-24/7 flow, of alive, clean, crystal-cleardrinking water.

This has taken us through three Environment Court journeys, collectively over some seven years. We have for some twenty years participated in detailed negotiations with neighbors, the wider community, local iwi, waitaha, the Regional and Local Councils and teams of lawyers.

In more recent days we have been gratified to see 'one to one' dialogue replace litigation.

In earlier days we did not really appreciate what we were protecting - it just seemed the right thing to do.

Today, we feel honored to have been on this water journey; in this 'Kahue Waka'. Along the way we have learned much about water, and water has learned much about us. After all, we are inter-related, as we not? We humans each being about 70% water on average (and some say our brains, bless them, are about 90% water). Every cell in our body uses and relies on water; and asks us to drink quality alive water, as a fuel for these trillions of cells.

This spring water has facilitated many new acquaintances; and some life-long friendships - as it attracts to itself, those it attracts. For some 20+ years we have given this water away for free, while six figure $/funds have been expended by our direction on the protection of this spring - such that now this spring water is to be charged for, as it prepares us for our wider 'water/wai education' journey.

We call this education focus the 'Wai Challenge', and this is a key reason for the move to sell this OTA WAI-TINO PAI water, and to share it's energy and sustenance AND HYDRATION.

This mission could easily be called HYDRACTION.

Much of the income flowing back to Heartland Springs, from clients, will be set-aside for development of the education facility both on and off this Heartland Farm site. This is our MISSION - our VISION. We seek partners to help us realise this vision.What is your mission? Maybe we should meet? 

This spring has seen, particularly at its source, a remarkable renaissance of spirit between waitaha, maori and pakeha - including a dawn ceremony, which began at the Heartland Farm gate and took participants to the spring source.

There were Waitaha decendents (Ray Ruka and his family), local Maori elders, younger Maori including several gang members, a respected American Indian named Aweepano, visitors from Hawaii and UK, and many European kiwis (sourced originally from several nations); all coming together and sharing this spring water AND also sharing the experience of tears.

I can still see in my water-brain memory the tears running down the checks of those physically strong and tough gang members. I can still feel the feeling of tears rolling down my own cheeks. As we each made our way to the very source of this spring.

We joined together in prayers and thanks.

The tapu was lifted by both Maori and Waitaha (see more about this story HERE).

The batten was, at that time, passed to this farm kaitiaki, including the responsibility to protect and honor this spring source.

It would be some years before this progressed to ensure the water could be shared by the wider community.

This time is NOW...

“Anyone who drinks the water that I shall give will never thirst again: the water that I shall give will turn into a spring within them, welling up to eternal life.”
— BIBLE, John 4:14

What We've Achieved

  • A group of resource consents, to enable up to about 73 million litres per annum of this spring water to be sold for drinking, food and and like purposes. See summary of resource consent HERE.
  • Thick concrete protective lockable shields being build around 4 of our major spring sources, with aim being to withstand forces and effects of a 100 year flash flood. 
  • The spring being gravity fed to a s/s holding tank at the farm back gate, with provision for water to be collected from there.
  • A wide range of tests being taken at leading laboratories, to provide chemical and other analysis of this spring water, in particular to check it is free of any known harmful contaminants or pollutants. Determining scientifically that it is micro-biologically wholesome, to standards required by the EU, under Rule 2009/54/EC see HERE (Old EU Rule 777). See our test results HERE.




  • A community awareness and perhaps respect of our long standing preference for organic and bio-dynamic farming of Heartland Farm.
  • A wider awareness of the level of pollution of the Waikato River, and the harmful effect of super phosphate on land and it's leaching into rivers. Read more here.
  • The planting over 20 years of about 6,000 new trees and bushes on Heartland Farm, many of them being of heritage source. Also many wild herbs planted.
  • The creation of a bird, butterfly, bee, frog and insect wild sanctuary on Heartland Farm, with many new trees/bushes being planted for these new-found friends.
  • Meeting a few families who have already become ardent drinkers of this spring water --- and watching the physical and spirit transformation of some, as they become hydrated with this alive and structured naturally pure RAW ORGANIC SPRING WATER